2018.04.22 The Bay

Imagine crossing an elliptical trainer with a scooter and a paddle board.

I should have taken a picture. Trust me, it is an odd thing to watch and next Saturday I am going to try one just for fun. Who came up with this monstrosity?

I am often asked by newly arrived Danes how they can get "on the water".

Denmark has around 8 yards of coastline for every person in the country and nowhere in the country is the coast more than 50 miles away. It is the West Baltic Archipelago.

Consequently, many Danes are engaged in water sports. Though it is not quite as important to the Danes as cross country skiing is to the Norwegians, it is getting close.

So if you are into kayaking, paddle-boarding, dingy sailing, or elliptical-paddle-scooting, you may be happy to know that a new place is opening at Port of Redwood City on Seaport Ct. where you can learn, rent, buy, the skills and (strange) vessels for such activities. The grand opening is next Saturday, April 28.

I took a sneak peek this weekend and this shop had so many odd options for enjoying the water that it took me by surprise that they also had a totally normal ocean kayak.

The San Francisco Bay is a much underutilized treasure with room for many more people.

I really shouldn't tell you this because perhaps you, too, may want to get out there and add to "the crowd".

You may experience what I saw up close yesterday - a seal with a pup. There is more awe in seeing that in nature than on Instagram.

(By the way, you want to put your smart phone away in a watertight bag while you are paddling around.)

Whether you enjoy nature by trekking in the National Parks or by going on the water, respect that there are forces stronger than what man can control.

On the Bay it is the occasional shark, current, 20 knot wind picking up in the afternoon all summer, and a sun much stronger than in the West Baltic Archipelago.