2018.01.09 Earthquake

I woke up last Wednesday very early morning because the bed moved beneath me.

If you live somewhere around San Francisco, my guess is that you can relate.

Living abroad may come with natural phenomena that differ much from what we are used to "back home".

I have gotten used to long winter days and short summer days.

Not that the days are longer in winter than in summer, but where I grew up, winter meant sunrise around 9 am and sunsets around 3 pm, so in comparison it is a treat that darkness doesn't fall until 5ish.

The price is that the long summer evenings when it never gets really dark and you watch the sun set around 10 pm or later don't exist here, either.

Sunrise and sunsets are, after all, predictable. Even Siri knows when they will be.

I have gotten used to tides.

Go for a walk along the Bay and one day you can see all the birds pecking in the mudflats - the following week there is nothing but water.

At this time of year when the moon is full, we have King tides where the difference between highest and lowest can be 9 ft - 3 meters. Highest is getting precariously close to the top of the levees protecting the roads and buildings all around the Bay.

In Denmark, tides happen on the West coast of Jutland. The rest of the country has so little tide differences that marinas don't need floating docks.

You can find the tide tables online. I haven't checked with Alexa.

I have gotten used to temperatures in the 100+F range. To downpours and to drought.

But I will never get used to Earthquakes.

Last week was a little one. A reminder to check your emergency kit.

If you have a pool, perhaps the water sloshed over and now you need to refill?

Slosh the Bay at high tide and imagine where the water could go.