2019.01.28 The things you forget

I am visiting "ye ole country".

While a lot can be said for visiting Denmark over the Christmas holidays, January in Denmark is a wet and dark affair. I had forgotten how dark.

I just read Michelle Obama's Becoming where she describes the dark Chicago winter. Go 15 degrees further north and weep. Although the Danish winter is not as cold as Chicago's, it is even darker. Like the Chicagoans, Danes appreciate spring very much. Living in California one may forget how much and why.

While I got my drivers license in a stick shift car and never had automatic until I moved to the US, I now prefer automatic. Between jet-lag, the onslaught of bicyclists who come out of the dark, and city streets with narrow lanes from a time when carriages were drawn by horses, I don't need to add reacquainting myself with a stick. Living in America one easily forgets that a third of Copenhagen's population commute by bike; many even in winter with snow on the ground.

Evidently, I also forget how to maneuver a stick.

It is also easy to forget that it is impossible to rent a small car with automatic. That may be a good thing, because it is also easy to forget that, actually, one may need a car with a trunk big enough for handicap equipment for older relatives or a pram for younger.

The audacity of some people! They continue their lives even though you are not around to witness the change.