Perhaps worth a visit?


If you have been a tourist or lived in these parts for more than two weeks, you have probably been to San Francisco, seen the Golden Gate Bridge, and visited Pier 39 already. You also know the way to Muir Woods and if you haven't been to Yosemite it is already on your to-do list. So here are a handful of other places you might want to consider.

The destinations mentioned here are trips that can be reached from Silicon Valley in a day but are not in the Valley itself.

The ocean treasures of Monterey, Ano Nuevo, and Santa Cruz have already been described in the California, Biology section.

You can enjoy the life in the tide pools along many other beaches op and down the peninsula. The northern tip of the harbor in Half Moon Bay makes for a very nice outing; just don't get stranded out on the rocks once the tide comes back in. And if you have to wait for the tide to go out, you can get delicious seafood in the shacks at the harbor.

Regardless where you go in nature, remember to bring drinking water. The air is dry and you don't feel how much you sweat. Children can get dehydrated and cranky in an amazingly short time.

For suggestions to local outings, see under the Silicon Valley location..