I, robot

lør, 12 nov 2011 - 2:47 pm -- charlotte Wittenkamp
TitelI, robot
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
ForfattereProyas, Alex,, Vintar, Jeff,, Goldsman, A, Mark, L, Davis, JA, Dow, T, Godfrey, W, Smith, Will,, Moynahan, Bridget,, Greenwood, Bruce,, Cromwell, J, McBride, C, LaBeouf, Shia,, Tudyk, A, Beltrami, M, Asimov, Isaac,, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.,, Mediastream IV (Firm),, Davis Entertainment Company.,, Laurence Mark Productions (Firm),, Overbrook Films.,, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc.,

Chicago, 2035. Detective Del Spooner distrusts robots. But why? The Three Laws of Robotics form a perfect circle of logic and protection for humans--all robots are "3 laws safe" from the instant they roll off the assembly line. When U.S. Robotics founder Dr. Alfred Lanning apparently commits suicide, Spooner is assigned to investigate. It appears that Dr. Lanning, the father of robotics, was murdered by a prototype of the latest generation robot, an NS-5 named Sonny. Dr. Susan Calvin, a specialist in robot psychology is assigned to assist Spooner. She cannot believe that a robot could commit a crime, let alone a murder. That would mean the Sonny has violated the Three Laws. If robots can break the laws, there is nothing to stop them from taking over the world, since humans have grown completely dependent upon them. Perhaps ... they already have?