2022.06.23 Happy Change of Season

I know, Solstice was two days ago.

June 23rd is when Danes burn off their yard clippings. Actually, they don't, that is mostly prohibited these days, but it is bonfire-night across the country. The beaches will light up and a few effigies burned. Fireworks. Singing. Speeches at the bonfires - at least those officially arranged by the towns and cities.

The seasons are celebrated with more oomph in places where winter used to mean death,. It still means darkness - hence the joy over the light of midsummer.

There is a season for everything - also for this website.

You have probably already noticed that I don't post as frequently as I used to. Covid did throw a wrench into the immigration patterns, and although more Danes are moving to Silicon Valley, California, USA, or out into the world, again, I have found that they can still find what they need on my website - without me having to be excited/annoyed/disturbed or, above all, commenting on what happens in the valley.

I am still writing - slightly different subjects and style - on www.bizcatalyst360.com and naturally on Linkedin.

My website will still be here and I will do my best to keep it current. If you get 404 messages from links from the site, please let me know.

Thanks for being along for the ride.