2014.11.04 New book out

I am so happy, proud, and relieved.

It is not always useful to share your knowledge via a website. Particularly not a website aimed at people who travel. Because the time they are most free to read is probably while they are traveling - and they may not want to download webpage after webpage when they are in the air at 30,000ft and certainly not at $30 per 30MB.

Before they leave, they can now download my book on why people from foreign cultures behave so differently and get some pointers to what to look out for once they arrive at their destination. Once the pdf file is on their laptop, no more wifi is needed. At least not until they want to check out the links and resources.

And they don't even have to pay for it because some companies have put their ads on some of the pages in the book. That is the down side. But it is a small inconvenience to get free access to a teaching library of not only my book but every book published by bookboon.com.

You can read the book as well. You just click here and you should be right on the download page. Follow the steps and a pdf will be downloaded to your device.

Enjoy. And safe travels.